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Plant Learn Grow’s very own Cara had “first-hand” experience with this Sensitive plant, which responds to touch by folding up its leaves.

That is some beautiful tatsoi right there.

Thank you, 17X, for your photographs.

Thank you, Joe Calcagno from 721R, for the photographs.

The indoor tower garden at 94M at 276 grows peas, spinach, nasturtium, and more.

Thank you, Katherine Marte at 77K, for these indoor garden photographs.

Alanna from 721K shared this slideshow of her students composting with students from John Dewey high school.

Watch the slide show

District 75 schools and the New York Botanical Garden had a celebration in June 2021, where they shared their spring planting projects. The folks at PLG created a Wakelet page to showcase this work.

There are 58 different submissions!

This movie is a nice look back at how P4K celebrated Plant Learn Grow in days gone by…


Ms. Abir from 811Q shared a garden memory from last spring and we thought we would spread the sunshine and happiness in this photo. With a big thank you to Grow NYC, she writes: I hope you and your families are okay! This time last year we were very busy preparing for our grand opening on Earth day, however, no one could have ever predicted we will be home and doing remote learning this time of a year! I never got the chance to share this with you.Thank you for all the help and the support! We truly appreciate it! Thank YOU Ms. Abir and the 811Q garden committee for all of your hard work. We can’t wait to visit your garden again when it is safe to come back to school.

Investigating edamame seeds and discovering fuzzy caterpillars at the Genovesi farm.