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Alanna from 721K shared this slideshow of her students composting with students from John Dewey high school.

Watch the slide show

I brought two bags of compost back to the house, to pour onto my indoor garden (well, what is remaining: in advance of a two-week vacation, we harvested the greens: carrot greens, celery greens, beet greens [reds?], turnip greens, and parsley, and since the roots never really grew, I dumped the soil and we are finished with them).

So what is remaining, you ask? See for yourself,


from left to right: leaf lettuce, thyme, leeks, carrot, and parsley/celery


from left to right: green pepper, eggplant, cherry tomato, and cucumber


from left to right: basil and gherkins

We finally made it to Governor’s Island today, and stopped by the farm. I sorted and filled two (small) bags of compost! (my first time!)

Last Friday, we had a full day PD for teachers- all about composting! Here are some photos of Greg, our in-house Master Composter, leading the group at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden . Many thanks to BBG and the Master Composters for having us!



Long-time blog reader Greg sent in this article from the New York Times, about a school in Staten Island that is composting their lunchroom fruit and vegetable waste.

“At School, Turning Good Food Into Perfectly Good Compost”