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Y53 may not be able to plant outside but we managed to grow mushrooms and celery; our lemon tree continues to grow; and a new avocado tree is in the works. So proud of this class!

Thank you Alanna O’Donnell, of P721K

From Stop and Shop supermarket, to seeding, to watering, to planting, to potting, to repotting, to flowering, to gardening, to…


We had to get rid of four plants — the big gherkin and cucumber, the tomato and eggplant. They went outsides to try their luck with the polinators there, as they were not bearing any fruit.

The last indoor plant is the bell pepper. See its flowers?

We are bringing it outside now, so maybe there will be fruit come harvest time.

These four precious babies are the results of two months of tlc. I almost don’t want to eat them…

Pickle Baby!

After a long wait, the gherkin produced female flowers. These are the flowers that have miniature cucumbers right behind the flower. No female flower, no fruit!

I brought two bags of compost back to the house, to pour onto my indoor garden (well, what is remaining: in advance of a two-week vacation, we harvested the greens: carrot greens, celery greens, beet greens [reds?], turnip greens, and parsley, and since the roots never really grew, I dumped the soil and we are finished with them).

So what is remaining, you ask? See for yourself,


from left to right: leaf lettuce, thyme, leeks, carrot, and parsley/celery


from left to right: green pepper, eggplant, cherry tomato, and cucumber


from left to right: basil and gherkins

First comes fruit, before that’s flower, then comes gherkin in the baby carrriage!

The indoor garden is growing growing growing. Considering they have only 4 hours of sun, and water when we remember.

Here is the latest view of the gherkins and friends (from l-r: gherkin, turnip, cucumber, fennel, iceberg lettuce, radish)

Everybody swooned over Baby Groot and Baby Yoda.

Well, check out THESE babies!