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The Stop & Shop supermarket had an indoor garden give-away, which was a kit with 20 seed pods and a tray to grow a variety of vegetables.

Here is a movie I made of my experience setting up the tray and planting the seeds.

Plant and Grow Movie

I wonder what to do when the sprouts get too big for their little pots and need to be replanted, as I do not have outdoor access to make a real vegetable garden.

We had a pineapple the other day, and instead of throwing out the crown, I thought that I would stick it in water and see what would happen.

What do you think will happen?

Emily from 721K shows off the seed starting mix that her teacher sent her so that she can plant from home. The class has been doing a number of remote planting experiments with lemon and avocado seeds. As you can see, they have also been practicing recycling and sustainability while they are at home. Great job class Y51 and thank you Ms. O’Donnell!



It is not a “living” garden, but a rock garden is a fun-to-create indoor type of garden. All you need are rocks and pebbles found from the street, park or beach.

In Japan, rock gardens are a big deal to aid in meditation and mindfulness.

Home in NYC, my son and I made these three small rock gardens using Staten Island beach rocks and pebbles. Adding colorful shells , seedpods, or sea-glass is OK too!

Since all of us are working from home or learning from home, why not share stories about our home gardens? I’ll start.

This glass terrarium is the only garden we have in the house. In fact, there are no other plants anywhere except for inside that. We bought it pre-made from Costco (!) last year, and it has been thriving ever since. There are four spiky cactus plants, and a bigger, more classic-looking cactus in the back.

There are other plants in there, too.

Cactus-type plants are pretty forgiving —  there are weeks when we forget to water it — and love sunlight. I recommend them for home-gardeners that have not had luck with other plants.