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Everybody swooned over Baby Groot and Baby Yoda.

Well, check out THESE babies!


Emily from 721K shows off the seed starting mix that her teacher sent her so that she can plant from home. The class has been doing a number of remote planting experiments with lemon and avocado seeds. As you can see, they have also been practicing recycling and sustainability while they are at home. Great job class Y51 and thank you Ms. O’Donnell!



Here are some really awesome distance learning resources and ideas from our friends at GrowNYC.

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Dear PLG Community, We miss you! Since we’ve been learning from home, it seems that everything has been cancelled except for spring. If you’ve been outside for even a short walk, or if you’ve been inside watching from the window, you must be noticing the signs of spring that are all around. Some of us have been making photo journals, others are sketching and painting our observations, and others are becoming inspired by writing nature poetry. Whatever your method for connecting with nature, now is the time! Here are a few highlights from a recent nature walk- our favorite grape hyacinths, daffodils, some cool bud bursts, and a signs of spring photo journal in progress.

*If you do go outside to make some nature observations, please remember to stay safe by wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance between yourself and other people, but you can get as close to the plants as you like!