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District 75 schools and the New York Botanical Garden had a celebration in June 2021, where they shared their spring planting projects. The folks at PLG created a Wakelet page to showcase this work.

There are 58 different submissions!

Enjoy this presentation from 721K Green Team.

Thank you, Alanna O’Donnell.

PLG point-person Rachel McCaulsky reports on the PLG projects at 396K:

Project Green Reach Grant:

Eight classes (in-person & remote) were selected to participate in the Fall and Spring sessions of the Project Green Reach Grant! Students worked with educators from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to explore plants.

Sustainability Project Grant:

P396K is the proud recipient of a Sustainability Project Grant! This grant allows us to purchase hydroponic gardens for our sites so that students can engage in year-round indoor gardening projects. 

Peace, Love & Planet Grant:

P396K is the proud recipient of a gardening grant from Peace, Love & Planet. Peace, Love & Planet supports student lead initiatives that address environmental concerns enabling young people to become part of the solution while contributing positively to our community. Our students both in-person and remote sprouted seeds and planted fruit and vegetables.

The fact that this exists means Life is Good!

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 2.24.07 PM

Emily from 721K shows off the seed starting mix that her teacher sent her so that she can plant from home. The class has been doing a number of remote planting experiments with lemon and avocado seeds. As you can see, they have also been practicing recycling and sustainability while they are at home. Great job class Y51 and thank you Ms. O’Donnell!



Ms. Abir from 811Q shared a garden memory from last spring and we thought we would spread the sunshine and happiness in this photo. With a big thank you to Grow NYC, she writes: I hope you and your families are okay! This time last year we were very busy preparing for our grand opening on Earth day, however, no one could have ever predicted we will be home and doing remote learning this time of a year! I never got the chance to share this with you.Thank you for all the help and the support! We truly appreciate it! Thank YOU Ms. Abir and the 811Q garden committee for all of your hard work. We can’t wait to visit your garden again when it is safe to come back to school.

Mr. Masefield was alerted that something was amiss with the school chickens…. check out this youtube video to see what happened when he went to check on the coop this week.

Screen shot of rooster from youtube video

Members of the Queens Transition Center (752Q) Green Team attended the Youth Climate Summit on Feb 4 at the UFT Headquarters, with their peers from around the city. There were student keynote speakers, a Green Career Fair, breakout workshops and an afternoon session where everyone came together to create a Climate Action Plan for their school. It was an awesome day of inspiration and teamwork.3 student from Queens Transition Center stand in front of Sustainability banner

Ms. Jazzmen’s class at 77K recently revived their tower garden and planted some new seeds to get it going. Check out their engineering skills and the awesome diagrams that they sketched to show the process. Once the plants are transferred, they will train their peers in other classes in the maintenance and upkeep of the garden. Way to go 77 for starting the first in-school hydroponics work site!

Congratulations to the SEVENTEEN school sites that were awarded mini-grants from Grow to Learn this year! It is a new record for D75!