Green sign sticking out of the soil that reads "National Wildlife Preservation Certified Wildlife Habitat" with flowers, small bushes and a birdbath around it

The sign says:

National Wildlife Federation

Certified Wildlife Habitat

This property is recognized for its commitment to sustainably provide essential elements of wildlife habitat: food, water, cover and places to raise young

Kudos to Ms. Alanna O’Donnell, Principal Barbara Tremblay and all of the students and staff that maintain the garden!

Here is a quick look-see at what’s blooming at 811Q

Did you notice the dill going to seed?

Ms. Abir from 811Q shared a garden memory from last spring and we thought we would spread the sunshine and happiness in this photo. With a big thank you to Grow NYC, she writes: I hope you and your families are okay! This time last year we were very busy preparing for our grand opening on Earth day, however, no one could have ever predicted we will be home and doing remote learning this time of a year! I never got the chance to share this with you.Thank you for all the help and the support! We truly appreciate it! Thank YOU Ms. Abir and the 811Q garden committee for all of your hard work. We can’t wait to visit your garden again when it is safe to come back to school.

The PLG 101 Workshop met at 373K. As you can see, there is nothing contrary about this garden! Thank you Maura Flanagan for showing us your students’ green thumbs!


Jeremy Kottkamp of 721X sent in these photographs. The students were participating in a Garden to Cafe event, peeling, slicing and preparing their vegetables.

Annmarie Ragucci, our speech teacher at 993Q, reports:

Our students picked two bags of veggies and herbs from the local library (where they have been working). They gave them to me and today we made a lesson out of it. We made a garden salad and put it on our speech delivery cart.

Students worked on initiating, maintaining, and terminating a conversation. They told teachers that the salad was a product of their gardening work all year.




shopping Welcome back to another year of gardening, growing, dirt, worms (but not fried!), and all good things. Let us know what is doing by you this year and we will post your pix on the site.

In the meantime, perhaps you are interested in viewing a cooking demonstration in the White House with the leader of Let’s Move, courtesy of Discovery Education. Wednesday October 29, 2014.

Some of the produce from the garden. We did some cooking. Veggie pizzas with herbs, fresh salad, etc… They are learning to cook simple fresh meals.

Thanks Jeremy








Thanks Jeremy