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Long-time blog reader Greg sent in this article from the New York Times, about a school in Staten Island that is composting their lunchroom fruit and vegetable waste.

“At School, Turning Good Food Into Perfectly Good Compost”

DSC00071 DSC00078

The students constructed a new garden walk way at 721K.

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Writes Siobhan Bowen:

“The outside photos are my class and Mr. Kottlamp’s class working together in our garden. Mr. Kottkamp’s class is amazing and worked with my class teaching them how to compost, build the plant beds, and take care of the garden”

This just in from Makini Velazquez of 94M:

FYI, schools can get FREE compost and mulch through the Department of Sanitation and BIG! NYC. At first they wanted us to pick up, but in the end they delivered to my school garden! Forms and instructions are below.

Thanks Makini Velazquez!

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