Plant Learn Grow’s very own Cara had “first-hand” experience with this Sensitive plant, which responds to touch by folding up its leaves.

Students from 77K work at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We went behind-the-scenes to see the greenhouse where it all happens.

That is some beautiful tatsoi right there.

Thank you, 17X, for your photographs.

Thank you, Joe Calcagno from 721R, for the photographs.

721R has an indoor hydroponics shop that is all a-grow!

The indoor tower garden at 94M at 276 grows peas, spinach, nasturtium, and more.

Green sign sticking out of the soil that reads "National Wildlife Preservation Certified Wildlife Habitat" with flowers, small bushes and a birdbath around it

The sign says:

National Wildlife Federation

Certified Wildlife Habitat

This property is recognized for its commitment to sustainably provide essential elements of wildlife habitat: food, water, cover and places to raise young

Kudos to Ms. Alanna O’Donnell, Principal Barbara Tremblay and all of the students and staff that maintain the garden!

Chef George paid a visit to 35M @ Beacon last week to help the students prepare a delicious lunch of bean tacos with sauteed zucchini and salsa, and a bok choy salad with blueberry balsamic vinaigrette. Students prepped the zucchini, mixed and pressed the fajita dough from scratch, harvested the bok choy from Mr. Heath’s Tower Garden, and mixed it with salad greens and tomatoes. Yum!

Thank you, Katherine Marte at 77K, for these indoor garden photographs.

Although our celebration was virtual again this year, check out all of the exciting things that the BBG and NYBG partnership classes have been doing! We had a live celebration on June 10 where students shared about their gardening projects and recent trips to their botanical gardens.

student holding up a plant and a seed pack of marigolds with 3 rows of plants on the windowsill behind her