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That is some beautiful tatsoi right there.

Thank you, 17X, for your photographs.

Thank you, Joe Calcagno from 721R, for the photographs.

721R has an indoor hydroponics shop that is all a-grow!

No trip to the Bronx would be complete without a visit to the 754X Chicken Coop. Big thank you to farmer Michael Masefield for lending his expertise and his classroom to the new “crop” of D75 teachers getting involved in hydroponics and aquaponics this year. Teachers got to experience four different types of growing systems first-hand, created their own data collection sheets, and received lots of useful tips and tricks for getting started. It was a rainy day to remember!

Ms. Jazzmen’s class at 77K recently revived their tower garden and planted some new seeds to get it going. Check out their engineering skills and the awesome diagrams that they sketched to show the process. Once the plants are transferred, they will train their peers in other classes in the maintenance and upkeep of the garden. Way to go 77 for starting the first in-school hydroponics work site!