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Look what’s squawking at 754X in the Bronx!

754X has hatched a brilliant idea: City Fresh Eggs from the Bronx. The students collect, clean, and package the eggs laid by the school chickens. Here is the final product!

Jeremy K. writes:

I have two sets of photos here. One of the garden to table event. The kale was used in the smoothies we prepared for the entire school-staff and students.

The other photos are from the 20 yards of dirt we ordered with grant finds to fill more beds.

Go big or go home!

Thanks Jeremy!

Jeremy Kottkamp of 721X sent in these photographs. The students were participating in a Garden to Cafe event, peeling, slicing and preparing their vegetables.

According to Jeremy K,

“This is our remaining tomato harvest from the fall. They were picked green before the last frost and they are ripening inside our classroom.”



Annmarie Ragucci, our speech teacher at 993Q, reports:

Our students picked two bags of veggies and herbs from the local library (where they have been working). They gave them to me and today we made a lesson out of it. We made a garden salad and put it on our speech delivery cart.

Students worked on initiating, maintaining, and terminating a conversation. They told teachers that the salad was a product of their gardening work all year.




Some of the produce from the garden. We did some cooking. Veggie pizzas with herbs, fresh salad, etc… They are learning to cook simple fresh meals.

Thanks Jeremy