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That is some beautiful tatsoi right there.

Thank you, 17X, for your photographs.

Last June 2021, PS 811X partnered with the New York Restoration Project. What lovely photos!

Hope to see more from 811X this June!

Mr. Masefield was alerted that something was amiss with the school chickens…. check out this youtube video to see what happened when he went to check on the coop this week.

Screen shot of rooster from youtube video

No trip to the Bronx would be complete without a visit to the 754X Chicken Coop. Big thank you to farmer Michael Masefield for lending his expertise and his classroom to the new “crop” of D75 teachers getting involved in hydroponics and aquaponics this year. Teachers got to experience four different types of growing systems first-hand, created their own data collection sheets, and received lots of useful tips and tricks for getting started. It was a rainy day to remember!

Here are some photos from the 721X Green Bronx Machine Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Wednesday. As you can see, it was kind of a big deal! Representatives from the Mayors Office, Empire Blue Cross and Anthem Health, local new organizations, our Superintendent, coaches, teachers, parents, students, and many more were in attendance. Thank you to Stephen Ritz of GBM, teacher (and farmer) extraordinaire Jeremy Kottcamp, and Principal Frank Degennaro for a very special day.





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