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PLG point-person Rachel McCaulsky reports on the PLG projects at 396K:

Project Green Reach Grant:

Eight classes (in-person & remote) were selected to participate in the Fall and Spring sessions of the Project Green Reach Grant! Students worked with educators from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to explore plants.

Sustainability Project Grant:

P396K is the proud recipient of a Sustainability Project Grant! This grant allows us to purchase hydroponic gardens for our sites so that students can engage in year-round indoor gardening projects. 

Peace, Love & Planet Grant:

P396K is the proud recipient of a gardening grant from Peace, Love & Planet. Peace, Love & Planet supports student lead initiatives that address environmental concerns enabling young people to become part of the solution while contributing positively to our community. Our students both in-person and remote sprouted seeds and planted fruit and vegetables.

Feel like doing this yourself? Here is a slide show I made up that you can use.

Download PDF

The Purple Radish sprouted, but so did the mold. There may even be a little critter in the bottom photo.

The students sowed their first seeds! They planted peppercress and cilantro (which is also know as coriander). They recorded data in their science observation sheets.