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Purple radish and arugula microgreens!

#You reap what you sow!

All plants lean towards the sun to get as much light as they can. Sunlight is like food to the plants, and they bend their heads towards its shiny rays. This is called “phototropism.”

Even microgreens lean towards the sun.

In the UK, the spicy lettuce we know as “arugula” is referred to as “rocket.” (I know. So much cooler than “arugula.”)

The mature plant, which we eat, is dark green.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on

Here are two containers of micro arugula. The sprouts are surprisingly yellow…

Feel like doing this yourself? Here is a slide show I made up that you can use.

Download PDF

The Purple Radish sprouted, but so did the mold. There may even be a little critter in the bottom photo.

The students sowed their first seeds! They planted peppercress and cilantro (which is also know as coriander). They recorded data in their science observation sheets.