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From Stop and Shop supermarket, to seeding, to watering, to planting, to potting, to repotting, to flowering, to gardening, to…


Pickle Baby!

After a long wait, the gherkin produced female flowers. These are the flowers that have miniature cucumbers right behind the flower. No female flower, no fruit!

First comes fruit, before that’s flower, then comes gherkin in the baby carrriage!

The Stop & Shop supermarket had an indoor garden give-away, which was a kit with 20 seed pods and a tray to grow a variety of vegetables.

Here is a movie I made of my experience setting up the tray and planting the seeds.

Plant and Grow Movie

I wonder what to do when the sprouts get too big for their little pots and need to be replanted, as I do not have outdoor access to make a real vegetable garden.