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This year four D75 classes are partnering with the Genovesi Environmental Study Center in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, making multiple visits over the year to study plant and animal adaptations. An added bonus: lunch with the chickens! (They are very friendly!)


A class trip to a garden offers so many opportunities for students to taste, see, observe, touch and experience nature.

We just received this note from 368K about gardening-as-therapy and felt we had to share:

We’re writing today to highlight the success our school community has had using the garden at our site as a tool to build upon student skills, while incorporating its therapeutic benefits into conversations with our children and teenagers. We support, teach, and encourage students in one of the most restrictive school settings in New York City; our garden is a way to show our students that we care about their emotional and physical health and well-being.

Last year 368K focused on “student involvement in the preparation of the garden beds, student creation of signs, students maintaining the garden, staff helping to create an on-site market to share produce from the garden, and finally students were able to bring produce home from the garden.” This year their goals are “a Halloween pumpkin fest; a green market where we hope to have students using scales to weigh and share produce; students … actively involved in making compost for the garden; and, finally, students … using the garden along with their therapists to develop healthy coping habits.”

Thank you to The Garden Committee at P368K at New York City Children’s Center for sharing your thoughts and plans for the year.

Here are some photos from the 721X Green Bronx Machine Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Wednesday. As you can see, it was kind of a big deal! Representatives from the Mayors Office, Empire Blue Cross and Anthem Health, local new organizations, our Superintendent, coaches, teachers, parents, students, and many more were in attendance. Thank you to Stephen Ritz of GBM, teacher (and farmer) extraordinaire Jeremy Kottcamp, and Principal Frank Degennaro for a very special day.





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Read all about it below in an excerpt from urban ag news!

Press Release – NEW YORK – Green Bronx Machine (GBM), a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to helping students live happier and healthier lives, is partnering with Empire BlueCross BlueShield (Empire) to launch [a fully] wheelchair accessible farm and teaching kitchen in America at P.S. 721x, a District 75 school in the Bronx dedicated to educating students living with disabilities.

“Our students and faculty are so excited and so grateful to Empire and Green Bronx Machine for this classroom makeover that inspires healthy living, healthy learning, and creates 21st century career and college readiness.”

~ Frank Degennaro, Principal, P.S. 721x

On Wednesday, February 13th, GBM and Empire will host a ribbon-cutting event at the school to unveil the new, in-school farm. In addition to the wheelchair accessible farm and teaching kitchen, P.S. 721x teachers and students will receive GBMs fully integrated health and wellness curriculum, a GBM Mobile Classroom Kitchen—a fully portable “indoor food truck” complete with sink, refrigerator, convection oven and food warmer and a media studio where students can participate in video conferences with other schools and organizations, post updates to social media, live stream educational programming and older students can record practice interview sessions.

Some of us (ahem Greg) have been saying this for a while, but there are a lot of opportunities for learning Math in the garden! Here are some examples from NYBG of ways to integrate your Math instruction in the great outdoors. Or indoors. With hydroponics… or aquaponics.




This class at 721R is part of the Garden Partnership with Snug Harbor. Check out how teacher Joe Calcagno is using the Phenology Calendar to help students make observations about the trees outside their window. Joe also planted the seeds for the native grasses that you see sprouting in the foreground at the teacher workshop at BBG. Great work 721R!


Here are some photos from the 373R Elementary school site. They transformed an empty space into a beautiful vegetable/sensory garden.

Thank you to Mary Jean Lotito and Pamela Kominoski for the photographs.

Last Friday, we had a full day PD for teachers- all about composting! Here are some photos of Greg, our in-house Master Composter, leading the group at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden . Many thanks to BBG and the Master Composters for having us!


Indoor Garden at 754X. Unidentified hand.