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Members of the Queens Transition Center (752Q) Green Team attended the Youth Climate Summit on Feb 4 at the UFT Headquarters, with their peers from around the city. There were student keynote speakers, a Green Career Fair, breakout workshops and an afternoon session where everyone came together to create a Climate Action Plan for their school. It was an awesome day of inspiration and teamwork.3 student from Queens Transition Center stand in front of Sustainability banner

Ms. Jazzmen’s class at 77K recently revived their tower garden and planted some new seeds to get it going. Check out their engineering skills and the awesome diagrams that they sketched to show the process. Once the plants are transferred, they will train their peers in other classes in the maintenance and upkeep of the garden. Way to go 77 for starting the first in-school hydroponics work site!

Congratulations to the SEVENTEEN school sites that were awarded mini-grants from Grow to Learn this year! It is a new record for D75!

Investigating edamame seeds and discovering fuzzy caterpillars at the Genovesi farm.

This year four D75 classes are partnering with the Genovesi Environmental Study Center in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, making multiple visits over the year to study plant and animal adaptations. An added bonus: lunch with the chickens! (They are very friendly!)


Greetings, dedicated PLGers! As the outdoor growing season is soon coming to an end, the new school school year is just beginning and we are very excited to share new resources and opportunities with you. Our Plant Learn Grow 101 PD will be on October 18 at 373K, in addition to our full menu of Hydroponics/ Aquaponics, Composting, Sustainability, and of course the Teaching in the Garden Series with BBG and NYBG. Check out the current course offerings here. In the meantime, here are some late but awesome photos from our Garden Day event last June. Enjoy!


In keeping with the theme of “plants we eat,” a group of teachers came together last¬†Friday¬†for the final edition of our Teaching in the Garden PD series this year. The focus: Kitchen Botany. We welcomed Lauren, our favorite garden educator, back from maternity leave, and had a chance to explore Brooklyn in bloom as leaf and flower buds were bursting out all over the garden. We also learned how to make germination necklaces and garbage gardens, and can’t wait to bring these ideas into the classroom! What a great way to wrap-up the series and officially welcome spring. Check out some photos from our nature walk below.

Spring has sprung at the Bed-Stuy Fresh Garden, which will soon be undergoing a major transformation. On Thursday, students attended an evening visioning session with the Brooklyn Parks Commissioner, parents, staff and community members to go on record with their vision and plans for the future NYC park that will be adjacent to the school. Naturally, the main concern of everyone present was the preservation and rebuilding of the bountiful Bed-Stuy Fresh School Garden. Students and teachers voiced concerns about park rules, noise, bathrooms, and food security as the project enters into the design phase. We are so proud of the 373K students for showing up and speaking out about what the garden means to them and how important it is to the whole school. This will be the last growing season for Bed-Stuy Fresh as we know it, but something tell us that these students will be unstoppable once the new site is ready. Our biggest thanks and praises to all of the teachers and students who turned a vacant lot into a ever-expanding small farm. The work continues! We stand with you!


The students at 176X have been pickling! They recently wrote us… “thought you might appreciate a pic of our first attempt at pickling. It is so simple and they came out great!” Thanks for sharing!

176X pickles

How do you like your eggs? I like mine fresh from the chicken coop at 754X, prepared in a deviled egg salad and wrapped in a fresh lettuce leaf that I cut myself from the NFT hydroponic system in Mr. Masefield’s classroom.

Seem like a school-yard to plate dream? This is what a group of D75 teachers got to do at this week’s Hydroponics PD at the J.M. Rapport School for Career Development in the Bronx. They also learned about different kinds of hydroponic systems like Nutrient Film Technique (NFT); Ebb and Flow; Wick; Water Culture; Drip; and Aeroponic, and learned how to take care of them. Thank you Mr. Masefield and Principal Daniel Hoehn for hosting us!