Jackfruit (<em>Artocarpus heterophyllus</em>) in the Tropical Pavilion of the Steinhardt Conservatory. Photo by Rebecca Bullene.The Desert House of the Steinhardt Conservatory.Photo by Antonio M. Rosario.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has a great website for teachers called: “Project Green Reach.”

Their Google Site provides tons of resources including unit and lesson plans, student handouts, and much more. Almost all of the material are Word Docs, so they can be easily adapted for any student population or need.

Personally, I like the the Kitchen Botany section, which connects botany and cooking. (What else could it be?!?!) The lessons range from K-8 and there are plenty of resources for teachers to get a better handle of the content before they teach it.

Finally, there is a Resources and Grant section that has tons of links to other organizations and places to get grants for gardens in schools.

Be sure to check out–even if you’re not from BROOKLYN!!!!!