Spring has sprung at the Bed-Stuy Fresh Garden, which will soon be undergoing a major transformation. On Thursday, students attended an evening visioning session with the Brooklyn Parks Commissioner, parents, staff and community members to go on record with their vision and plans for the future NYC park that will be adjacent to the school. Naturally, the main concern of everyone present was the preservation and rebuilding of the bountiful Bed-Stuy Fresh School Garden. Students and teachers voiced concerns about park rules, noise, bathrooms, and food security as the project enters into the design phase. We are so proud of the 373K students for showing up and speaking out about what the garden means to them and how important it is to the whole school. This will be the last growing season for Bed-Stuy Fresh as we know it, but something tell us that these students will be unstoppable once the new site is ready. Our biggest thanks and praises to all of the teachers and students who turned a vacant lot into a ever-expanding small farm. The work continues! We stand with you!